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Unlock a revolutionary employee benefit by introducing BeMe, the mental wellness app designed for teens and young adults, to support the well-being of your employees' teenagers and young adults, addressing the increasing behavioral health needs through science-backed approaches and evidence-based treatments.

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BeMe for Employers
Why BeMe?

Why BeMe?

BeMe is more than just an app; it’s a supportive space for teens and young adults to explore, express, and navigate their emotions. BeMe offers access to tailored content, mood reflection, skill-building, 1:1 coaching, and a supportive network to empower them to thrive in this exciting phase of their life anytime, anywhere. Clinical services and 24/7 crisis support are available when needed.

Built by and for teens and young adults, BeMe has an active Teen Advisory Board to ensure resonance with their experiences. Our clinically validated approach meets teens and young adults right where they are—on their phones—in a secure environment.


What We Can Do for Employers and Their Employees Teens & Young Adults

Comprehensive well-being

Comprehensive Well-Being

Elevate your employee benefits by extending support to the entire family. BeMe is crafted to address the unique mental health needs of teenagers and young adults ages 13-22, ensuring a holistic approach to well-being.

Strengthen employee relations

Strengthen Employee Relations

Foster a sense of care and understanding by offering BeMe as a benefit. Demonstrate your commitment to employees' families, strengthening the bond between the company and its workforce.

Proactive mental health support

Proactive Mental Health Support

BeMe's proactive approach ensures that the mental health needs of teens and young adults are addressed in real-time, providing valuable resources and support when it matters most.

Attract and retain top talent

Attract and Retain Top Talent

Differentiate your company as an employer that prioritizes the comprehensive well-being of its employees and their families. BeMe becomes a unique and attractive benefit in the competitive talent market.

Why choose BeMe?

Offer Your Organization More

Explore the transformative impact BeMe can bring to your organization, providing industry-leading mental health outcomes and unparalleled expertise for teens and young adults.

Enhance parent/guardian-employee relations

Enhance Parent/Guardian-Employee Relations

Provide a benefit that connects not just with employees caring for teens and young adults but also resonates with their parents/guardians, your workforce. BeMe showcases your commitment to the overall well-being of the entire family.

Employee retention and attraction

Employee Retention and Attraction

Stand out as an employer of choice by offering BeMe as a unique benefit. Retain top talent and attract motivated professionals who value a workplace that cares about their families' overall well-being.

Offer your organization more

Insights into Workplace Dynamics

Addressing parental challenges, teen mental health support, and evolving expenditure trends.

> 50%

Working parents have missed at least one day per month on their employer's time to address their children's mental health, resulting in a loss of 20,000 hours per year for every 1,000 employees.1


Spending on mental health for teens under 18 witnessed a remarkable increase from 2013 to 2020, marking the highest surge among all age groups for both employers and workers.3


Working parents express the need for more employer support, stating that they currently lack sufficient assistance for their teens' mental health.2

Empowering the Next Generation Through Innovative Health Solutions

In a collaborative effort funded by the California Health Care Foundation, BeMe partnered with the Stanford Prevention Research Center at Stanford University School of Medicine to conduct a comprehensive evaluation of the BeMe app involving over 13,000 teens.

The result of the Stanford Evaluation, published in the Journal of Medical Internet Research mHealth and UHealth, revealed that the BeMe app helped them feel more hopeful and boosted their self-esteem.

Teen found BeMe Coaching helpful
Teen found BeMe Content helpful
Teen report that BeMe help with self-esteen

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BeMe works with employers, brokerages, consultants, and TPAs.

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Rest Assured, Privacy is Our Priority.

BeMe is designed with security in mind, providing a confidential space for teens and young adults to explore and express themselves freely. BeMe never sells data, and there are no ads on our platform. Plus, rest assured that counseling and crisis support are readily available if needed.
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Privacy by Design

Privacy by Design

BeMe’s platform is designed to keep all information safe and secure.

Safety First

Safety First

BeMe has been built to keep the safety of teens and young adults in mind.

Data Privacy

Data Privacy

BeMe is a space for teens and young adults. We do not show ads based on personal data.


Teens & Young Adults BeMe

Star Star Star Star Star

BeMe has given me a safe space to improve my mood and discuss my mental health. The app is much more exciting to use since I know how much effort and passion goes into creating it.

— Hazel
18, New York - College Freshman
Star Star Star Star Star

BeMe has helped me with my mental health and has given me a resource and a safe space to feel heard and seen.

— Sofia
16, Florida - 11th Grade
Star Star Star Star Star

BeMe has helped me re-contextualize my mental health. Seeing the way certain behaviors are interpreted has helped guide my action.

— Daishka
16, New York - 11th Grade
Star Star Star Star Star

I believe that BeMe has helped me in a very good way. Whenever I have a stressful day at school I always log in to try and help distract myself from my problems and to help me get a get view in the situation I’m in.

— Janelly
14, California - 9th Grade
Star Star Star Star Star

BeMe has helped me learn a lot about the basics of mental health and has allowed me to keep track of my mental health in an easy way.

— Anna
17, Florida - College Freshman

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