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BeMe for Health Systems


We understand health systems play a critical role in youth mental health. BeMe provides revolutionary support to elevate care for adolescent patients. Our engaging technology and human touch platform work to overcome barriers so that we can reach and help all teens become their best selves.

BeMe serves as an additional inpatient and outpatient support, including in between visits and after treatment. We collaborate with health systems for a youth-focused approach, positively impacting teens, caregivers, providers, and care coordinators.

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BeMe for Health Systems
Why BeMe?
Why BeMe?

Why Health Systems Choose BeMe

  • Clinically Validated Approach: BeMe uses data-driven pathways with real-time mood updates for measurement-based care and elevated support screenings.
  • Tech and Touch Integration: Our approach integrates digital media, care activities, coaches, assessments, and clinical intervention for adolescent mental health.
  • Privacy and Security: BeMe prioritizes privacy, never selling data, and offering an ad-free platform for young adults to express themselves confidentially.
  • Accessible Crisis Support: BeMe provides 24/7 crisis support, safety planning, and clinical linkage to therapy and psychiatry, with a built-in support team.
  • Streamlined Support for Clinical Settings: Improve clinical settings with on-demand support and early intervention. Distribute BeMe in facilities by pre-downloading on mobile devices for quick enrollment and sign-in.

The BeMe Experience

BeMe is a game-changing mental health platform crafted for young people by young people. Our innovative adolescent-focused features make our mobile solution ideal for elevating your health system’s youth mental health initiatives.

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How We Empower Gen Z And Gen Alpha Adolescents, Backed By Scientific Research

In a collaborative effort funded by the California Health Care Foundation, BeMe partnered with the Stanford Prevention Research Center at Stanford University School of Medicine to conduct a comprehensive evaluation of the BeMe app involving over 13,000 teens.

The result of the Stanford Evaluation, published in the Journal of Medical Internet Research mHealth and UHealth, revealed that the BeMe app helped them feel more hopeful and boosted their self-esteem.

Teen found BeMe Coaching helpful
Teen found BeMe Content helpful
Teen report that BeMe help with self-esteen

Demonstrated Success

At BeMe, we work with our users to measure performance and capture individual insights within our app. We provide in-depth reporting on outcomes, satisfaction, and more to ensure transparency and effectiveness.



Decreased Anxiety

Reduction in positive screens for moderate/severe anxiety


Decreased Depression

Reduction in positive screens for moderate/severe depression

⬇ 3 Point

GAD-7 Score

Reduction on the Generalized Anxiety Disorder Assessment (GAD-7)

⬇ 4 Point

PHQ-8 Score

Reduction on the Patient Health Questionnaire (PHQ-8)

Source: BeMe Health, Internal Study, 2023

Transforming Wellbeing, Reducing Costs

At BeMe, we take a comprehensive approach to enhancing mental health and reducing associated costs. Our innovative platform equips health systems with engaging solutions to transform the wellbeing of adolescent patients. From personalized in-app features to human support and coordination, we take the burden off systems while empowering youth.

BeMe's comprehensive approach
Triage and early intervention

Triage and Early Intervention

Connecting teens and young adults to clinical services, engaging those typically hard to reach, and providing support to enhance hope, self-awareness, and coping skills.

Treatment augmentation

Treatment Augmentation

Supports while on waitlists, in between visits, and after exit. Treatment and adherence are more successful through complementary interventions.

Reduces unnecessary services

Reduces Unnecessary Services

Minimize unnecessary ER visits and overnight stays by enhancing coping mechanisms and ensuring prompt, easily accessible crisis support.


Rest Assured, Privacy is Our Priority.

BeMe is designed with security in mind, providing a confidential space for teens and young adults to explore and express themselves freely. BeMe never sells data, and there are no ads on our platform. Plus, rest assured that counseling and crisis support are readily available if needed.
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Privacy by Design

Privacy by Design

BeMe’s platform is designed to keep all information safe and secure.

Safety First

Safety First

BeMe has been built to keep the safety of teens and young adults in mind.

Data Privacy

Data Privacy

BeMe is a space for teens and young adults. We do not show ads based on personal data.

Exploring BeMe for Health Systems?

Contact us today to explore partnership opportunities and discover how BeMe can assist your health system in meeting the mental health and well-being needs of your adolescent patients.

Please be aware that responses to this form submission are intended solely for inquiries from health plan or employer organizations. Any other inquiries may not receive a response.


Teens & Young Adults BeMe

Star Star Star Star Star

BeMe has given me a safe space to improve my mood and discuss my mental health. The app is much more exciting to use since I know how much effort and passion goes into creating it.

— Hazel
18, New York - College Freshman
Star Star Star Star Star

BeMe has helped me with my mental health and has given me a resource and a safe space to feel heard and seen.

— Sofia
16, Florida - 11th Grade
Star Star Star Star Star

BeMe has helped me re-contextualize my mental health. Seeing the way certain behaviors are interpreted has helped guide my action.

— Daishka
16, New York - 11th Grade
Star Star Star Star Star

I believe that BeMe has helped me in a very good way. Whenever I have a stressful day at school I always log in to try and help distract myself from my problems and to help me get a get view in the situation I’m in.

— Janelly
14, California - 9th Grade
Star Star Star Star Star

BeMe has helped me learn a lot about the basics of mental health and has allowed me to keep track of my mental health in an easy way.

— Anna
17, Florida - College Freshman

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