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Our Commitment to Ethical and Responsible Use of Artificial Intelligence

At BeMe, our commitment to responsible artificial intelligence (AI) use is paramount. We strive to create a platform where users can engage with genuine support and meaningful interactions, free from the concern of encountering deceptive bots or misleading information.

Our BeMe Ethical and Responsible Use of Artificial Intelligence policy outlines our methodology for integrating AI-enabled features into the BeMe app. We prioritize transparency in product development by aligning with Child Rights by Design principles.

Our approach draws from the guidance and insights of influential international organizations, including UNICEF, the World Economic Forum, Responsible Innovation in Children’s Technology (RITEC), The White House, and the World Bank.

These principles provide a framework for creating AI tools that empower children and young people while safeguarding their rights and wellbeing.

  1. Ensuring Children's Wellbeing: BeMe vows to leverage artificial intelligence (AI) to positively impact and ensure children's mental health and overall wellbeing without causing harm.
  2. Inclusive AI and Equal Treatment: Our commitment is to create AI systems that promote inclusivity, where everyone is treated equally, and teens' diverse needs and abilities are fully accommodated.
  3. Ethical AI Usage: We adhere to the legal guidelines for AI use outlined by the United States. BeMe's AI models undergo rigorous training with a strong emphasis on evidence-based interventions. Our offerings are founded on methods with proven effectiveness, prioritizing efficacy over hasty solutions.
  4. Protecting Children's Data: When handling children's data, we adhere to the principles of minimizing collection and retaining it only for as long as necessary.
  5. Safety First: Safety is a steadfast principle at the heart of the BeMe product development process. We prioritize designing our AI products with age-appropriate considerations from the very beginning, ensuring a safe and suitable user experience for all.
  6. Provide Transparency: At BeMe, we believe in our app's transparent use of AI. We prioritize children's wellbeing when developing products, especially when implementing AI-enabled features.
  7. Generative AI: When we utilize technology that produces synthetic audio, images, videos, or chatbots, BeMe will ensure that such content is discernibly marked as artificially generated or manipulated in a machine-readable format to maintain transparency regarding the authenticity of the information.