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As a caregiver, you see the power and potential in your teen and their generation - they are the most diverse in our history. You also feel the struggles your teen faces.

Frequently Asked Questions

Being a teen today is different. In addition to the usual developmental challenges, teens are grappling with the pressures of social media, the need to succeed, a resurgence in racism, and threatening real-life events like school shootings and natural disasters. Teens need more support.

BeMe supports teens now so they are more resilient in the future. Teens will learn coping strategies, interpersonal skills, and healthier habits. BeMe is a place where teens can discover who they are and become their best selves.

Learn more about our vision for BeMe and for the future of teen mental health.

What is BeMe? BeMe is a mobile mental health app designed to be a safe space for all teens to be their genuine selves and get support for their overall mental health and wellbeing. BeMe meets teens where they are and provides engaging and relevant content, skills, and coaching to encourage them to make positive changes in their lives.
Who is BeMe for? Our app is currently available for teens 13+. BeMe is appropriate for all teens, even those who have not experienced issues with their mental health. Some teens may be primarily interested in learning communication skills and healthy lifestyle habits while others may seek support for depressed or anxious feelings or challenges in their environment.
How does my teen sign up for BeMe? Use BeMe's QR code to download the app. If you have a referral code from your provider, you'll be asked for it when you sign up.
How does BeMe support teens? BeMe supports teens with the following main features:
  • Content: Our content includes videos and images relevant to teens–from navigating school and social life to managing negative emotions and adjusting to life’s challenges.
  • Skills: Teens will find a library of resources and exercises that will help them explore their identity, define their personal goals, and build up their coping skills so that they feel more protected and prepared for future challenges. They will also have access to crisis resources in times of significant need.
  • Coaching: Teens can message a BeMe coach to address challenges in their daily lives, get skills, and set goals for themselves.
Is BeMe backed by science? BeMe's content and coaching techniques are present-focused, goal-oriented, and mood-boosting. The skills are drawn from evidence-based clinical approaches that are backed by hundreds of research studies with adolescents.
Is what my teen puts in BeMe private and/or confidential? We are committed to protecting teens’ personal information and their right to privacy. Our Policy and Terms of Service lay out their rights and how we protect their data. All information on the BeMe app is confidential with a few important safety limitations.
Can parents/caregivers use BeMe? At BeMe, we aim to respect teens’ desire for autonomy and privacy, and that means it’s a teen-only space.
How does coaching work? BeMe coaches provide education, support, app navigation, and science-backed strategies that encourage healthy problem-solving behaviors and goal-setting to foster improved functioning in teens’ everyday lives. Our coaches are pursuing a career in mental health, and have all undergone BeMe’s comprehensive training in delivering supportive skills and making culturally-responsive connections with teens.
Does BeMe offer therapy or prescriptions? BeMe does not yet offer therapy, mental health diagnoses, or prescriptions for medications.
Is BeMe for emergencies? No. While teens are able to access crisis support while using BeMe, it is not meant for emergencies. If your teen is experiencing an emergency, please contact 911 or take them to the nearest emergency room. For 24/7 crisis support, teens can call the BeMe crisis hotline directly through the app, text Crisis Text Line at 741741, or text Trevor Project Support for LGBTQ+ teens at 678678.

Still have a question? Email us at support@bemehealth.com or contact Customer Support.

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