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Welcome to BeMe


BeMe helps teens and young adults find well-being. We give them a safe space to learn about themselves.

Check your mood each morning. Read uplifting posts. Grow a little every day. Get to know yourself with personalized coaching and activities—all for free.

BeMe makes it easy.

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Welcome to BeMe
BeMe Confident Why BeMe?
Why BeMe?

Why BeMe?

BeMe is more than just an app; it's a supportive space for teens and young adults to explore, express, and navigate their emotions.

And coaches are readily available in real-time to provide support whenever it's needed. No stigma, no judgment, just support.

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Rest Assured, Privacy is Our Priority.

BeMe is designed with security in mind, providing a confidential space for teens and young adults to explore and express themselves freely. BeMe never sells data, and there are no ads on our platform. Plus, rest assured that counseling and crisis support are readily available if needed.
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Privacy by Design

Privacy by Design

BeMe’s platform is designed to keep all information safe and secure.

Safety First

Safety First

BeMe has been built to keep the safety of teens and young adults in mind.

Data Privacy

Data Privacy

BeMe is a space for teens and young adults. We do not show ads based on personal data.


Adolescent Mental Health Reimagined

Express moods and find support whenever needed - all through BeMe on your mobile device.

Mood Crew & Daily Check-Ins
Mood Crew & Daily Check-Ins

Mood Crew & Daily Check-Ins

Start each day positively by checking your mood with BeMe. We'll suggest activities to match how you feel.

Invite friends and family to join your personal Mood Crew. Share your feelings or keep them private - you choose.

BeMe helps you tune into your emotions so you can shape your days.

Tailored Resources and Activities

Tailored Resources and Activities

BeMe offers carefully curated and vetted content from trusted sources as well as original, expert-informed content crafted by BeMe's own creator network.

Content is designed for anything life brings, addressing specific teen and young adult-centric challenges and feel-good techniques grounded in the science of happiness.

Tailored Resources and Activities


Live 1:1 coaching helps teens and young adults not just endure but flourish. BeMe's coaching pathways are delivered through text-based sessions tailored to selected topics and identified personal goals.

BeMe’s supportive coaches are here to guide them through life's ups and downs.


Getting Started with BeMe is Easy

Here’s how teens and young adults can start getting mentally healthy with BeMe.

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Explore More About How BeMe is Here to Support You

For Teens & Young Adults
BeMe helps you navigate your life. It's more than an app - it's a personal guide for self-discovery. You get tailored Supportive Media™, live 1:1 coaching, and a community that empowers you to thrive. Whether in school, finding passions, or prioritizing mental health, BeMe is here to make your journey uniquely yours.
For Parents & Guardians
Guiding teens can be rewarding and overwhelming. That's why we made BeMe. It gives your teen or young adult a safe space to explore emotions and improve wellbeing.

Real coaches offer support when needed. As a parent, rest assured your teen is building positivity. BeMe makes the journey easier.
For Health Plans
Teen behavioral health needs innovation. BeMe delivers - using science-backed, evidence-based ways to engage and enhance wellbeing.

This reduces reliance on high-cost services and drives clinical impact. Health plans partner with BeMe to improve mental health for Medicaid, commercial teen, and young adult members. Together, we fulfill the shared mission.
For Employers
Add BeMe as an employee benefit to demonstrate care for employees' families, promote work-life balance and job satisfaction, provide relief knowing teens have mental health support, and contribute to a healthy workplace culture.

Employees will appreciate BeMe's support for their teens' emotional wellbeing and mental health needs.

Teens & Young Adults BeMe

Star Star Star Star Star

BeMe has given me a safe space to improve my mood and discuss my mental health. The app is much more exciting to use since I know how much effort and passion goes into creating it.

— Hazel
18, New York - College Freshman
Star Star Star Star Star

BeMe has helped me with my mental health and has given me a resource and a safe space to feel heard and seen.

— Sofia
16, Florida - 11th Grade
Star Star Star Star Star

BeMe has helped me re-contextualize my mental health. Seeing the way certain behaviors are interpreted has helped guide my action.

— Daishka
16, New York - 11th Grade
Star Star Star Star Star

I believe that BeMe has helped me in a very good way. Whenever I have a stressful day at school I always log in to try and help distract myself from my problems and to help me get a get view in the situation I’m in.

— Janelly
14, California - 9th Grade
Star Star Star Star Star

BeMe has helped me learn a lot about the basics of mental health and has allowed me to keep track of my mental health in an easy way.

— Anna
17, Florida - College Freshman

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If you are experiencing an emergency, please contact 911 or go to the nearest emergency room.